1. Inspiring Conference 2015

    A whole week of Neos, in the most intense way: a big part of the Neos team met in Rosenheim last Monday to work for fours days and nights on the next major versions of Neos and Flow, followed by the Inspiring Conference, which did its name credit and inspired the audience and team likewise. Read more

  2. Flownative – the First Week

    It's just a week ago that we founded Flownative and a lot has happened since then. In case you were curious about what we do behind the scenes at the moment, this post is for you. Read more

  3. Thank You, TechDivision

    This end of the month isn't like the usual ones; today is also my last day officially working for TechDivision. I'd like shout out a big Thank You for the time I could work at TechDivision as an employee. It has been the first company I've ever been employed at as a software developer and it couldn't have been a better fit. Read more

  4. Founding Flownative – an independent Neos Company

    Today we announced in a common press release with TechDivision, that Christian Müller, Karsten Dambekalns and myself will start a new company, exclusively focussing on helping agencies and organisations to create great digital experiences based on TYPO3 Neos. The name of our venture, to be founded this February, is: Flownative. Read more

  5. Interview: Founding Flownative

    Along with the press release, TechDivision's Dominik Haller asked me a few questions about our new company Flownative. Read more