1. How TYPO3 Neos got started in 2005

    The Neos 1.0 release is getting closer and thus I'm collecting materials for all the talks I may give at conferences during the next few weeks. During my search I also found a whole album of photos from the historic meeting of the then TYPO3 Core Team in Kettrup Bjerge, Denmark. This was the very meeting where we came up with the basis for the new TYPO3 brand, its vision, its mission statement. We also agreed on the major goal for what now has become Neos: an excellent user experience on all levels. Read more

  2. Neos Sprint Frankfurt

    So the last thing you heard from me months ago is that I switched companies? Don't worry – my shamefully neglected outside communication is all due to the big amount of work and focus on getting Neos 1.0 out. One great event I missed reporting about was the 1-week Neos sprint in Frankfurt  two weeks ago. Read more

  3. A New Perspective

    During the last few months I've been thinking about a solution for a difficult challenge: how can I invest a substantial amount of time into Neos and Flow, work on significant web projects and still make a living? As a regular freelancer combining these two goals can become difficult. Read more

  4. First TYPO3 Neos Training in Munich

    Many of the agencies I'm in touch with are currently taking a close look at TYPO3 Neos in order to plan their transition to the new CMS once the 1.0 stable has been released. The concepts and APIs Neos provides are relatively stable now and the remaining work before the first major release is a matter of stabilisation and cleaning up (still a non trivial task). If you are serious about being ahead of the competition with TYPO3 Neos, now is the time to get involved! Read more

  5. Preview: Cloud Resources for TYPO3 Flow 2.1

    When I started writing the first lines of code for Flow's resource management, I essentially had one goal: all data stored on a web server is temporary – persistent data can be stored elsewhere. This feature didn't make it into a Flow release so far, but the APIs were shaped for that goal from the beginning. In Flow 2.1 we'll finally see cloud storage and cloud resources happen – and it's basically a matter of switching it on. Read more